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The Dawes Card Files

Creek, Seminole, Choctaw (Oklahoma & Mississippi), Chickasaw, Delaware, Cherokee
loopArchives, Libraries, Museums and Journals
National Archives

Pensacola Public Library / West Florida Regional Library

State Library Resources

Florida State Archives Photographic Collection

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National Portrait Gallery

Marion County Museum of History

Journal of American Indian Studies

loop History
Richard Milner--Indian Place Names of Florida.

Native American History

Florida FRONTIER GAZETTE - Start Page

The Georgia and South Carolina expeditions of Clarence Bloomfield Moore (in LUCIA1)

World History Archives: Native Americans of the Caribbean and Florida

Historic Places Atlas
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Andrew Jackson and the Eaton Affair

Fort Toulouse

Florida Forts
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A Brief History of the Apalachicola Area


(this link temporarily unavailable)

American History, Page 1, Spanish Conquest of Native America

Tour of the Florida Territory

loop Creek
Some Creek Families & Friends

Muskogee Chat

Muskogee Reading Room

Creek Language Site

loop African-Native American
Black Seminole Indian Descendants (Fort Worth newspaper)

African - Native Genealogy Homepage

Black Seminole Indian Descendants (Fort Worth newspaper)

loop Choctaw
(1) Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

(2) Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

CHOCTAW Article Index


loop Cherokee
Cherokee Confederate Units

The Cherokee Genealogy Page


loop Seminole
Seminole Tribe of Florida

Seminole Wars

loop Yuchi

Yuchi Language

loop Flutes

Abundance Native American Flute Circle

loop Cultural Diversity, Music and the Arts

Common Ground on the Hill

Eholee-Opal Designs

Indian House Records - Taos, New Mexico

loop Archaeology
Moundbuilders links and resources
Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists

The Georgia Archaeological Site File -- Links

Southeastern Native American Alliance

loop Southeastern Native American
S.E.N.A. South Eastern Native American Exchange, Free Queries, Cherokee,Creek,Chickasaw, Indians, Blood,Roll,Heritage,Genealogy,History,

Southeastern Cultural Society

Southeastern Native Confederacy

Welcome to the World of the Native Indians of Florida

loop Mesoamerica
Report to FAMSI from Stephen Houston - FAMSI: Foundation For The Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, Inc.
loop Genealogy
Social Security Death Index (SSDI) at Ancestry.com

FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service

Find-A-Grave by Location: Oklahoma

Find-A-Grave by Cemetery: Fort Gibson National Cemetery

Kimball Genealogy Online

Manatee County Burying Ground

Creek Families/History, Genealogy

loop General
A Study of the Totem Pole

 A Creek Indian Bibliography.

Ryan School--Creek History, Culture and Language.

Louisiana Indians Walking Along the Bayou

University Press of Florida - online


Native Indian Herb Corner

U.S. Indian Tribes, federally non-recognized -- Index by State

Phases of the Moon

FloridaNetlink.com - The Florida Search Engine

Florida Information Resource Network

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