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Enter the lodge above to learn all about
the Spring Rivercane Rendezvous,
and the Fall Falling Leaf Rondezvous

and then, take a tour a former
Rendezvous by entering the camp site below.
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Visit "THE MUSEUM" for Muskogee Creek Life ways, folk tales, language lessons and much more.
Just click on the "Muskogee Knot" below to enter the original southern life ways.


Click on the Micco (a Muskogee chief) below
known as Nea-Mathla
for a fascinating illustrated tour of the Florida Indian Wars

The following are just a few of many additional links promoting family based learning, rendezvousing, primitive skills, earthskills, stalking wild foods and great tales. Most of these links will lead on to many more interesting and fascinating web-ventures and learning.

Ever heard of Doug Elliott, the Prince of Possums, keeper of Possumabilia, author of woodlore, spokesman for natural wonders, hawker of honey and all-round fine fellow? Just click on his name for the latest schedule of his activities and appearances. Better still, just crunch down here and go straight to his home page.

MAPS, the Mid Atlantic Primitive Skills group: Ever wonder who are the fine folks that teach the Earthskills workshops at MAPS, the Rivercane Rendezvous and other notable gatherings? Meet some of the Map instructors who will share their skills with you.

Want to learn about previous Rendezvous gatherings? Here's the 1999 gathering at the old Unicoi site.

An Atlatl is a fascinating device. Click the word to learn all about atlatls, their use, history technology.

The word Abo has come to mean the whole genre of primitive skills and less electric oriented lifestyles for many. Visit their site to enlarge your whole perspective about this rapidly growing passion shared not only by the "back to the landers" but persons from every walk of life and profession who take pride and pleasure in doing things "Their Own Way." You'll be amazed at the breadth and depth of this passion--in a word, personal satisfaction from learning that you can do it

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